My Book Report

Kyle Thomas


Name: Kyle Thomas

Grade:  6

Teacher: Ms. Krauzer

Name of book: Fifty Shades of Grey

Author of book:  E. L. James

Who are the main characters in the story?

Ana Steele and Christian Grey

Tell us about the story:

Beginning:  This girl Ana meets this guy Christian and they have coffee and he gives her a book.

Middle:  Ana goes for a ride on Christian’s helicopter.  It is called Charlie Tango and its tail number is N124CT and Christian can fly it all by himself and he does and he flies it to his apartment building!

End: Christian shows Ana his playroom, but he doesn’t have any interesting toys and they have something to do with BDSM whatever that means.  If I had a playroom I would at least have an Xbox.  There were some toys that I’d seen in my mom and dad’s bedroom and I asked my mom about one once and it was in a box and called a “rabbit” and she said in a mad voice, “Give me that and you stay out of my closet, Kyle.”  And later there was kissing (gross) and then Ana must have done something bad because Christian spanked her.  I don’t know why Christian didn’t give her a timeout instead.  

My favorite part of the story: Is the helicopter!  When I grow up I want to be like Christian Grey and have my own helicopter and I will name it Charlie Tango only I won’t take any girls up in it.  Instead I will fly all over the United States and to Hawaii with my best friend Conor and maybe Ryan, too, if he isn’t being a brat and gives me back my Lego Star Wars Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator.  No girls allowed in my helicopter Charlie Tango!  

Did you like the book? Why or Why not?  The book was very boring and there was too much kissing and everybody knows kissing is stupid and I thought the book would be exciting because my sister says she’s read it a thousand times, but she’s stupid and likes books about kissing and I bet she thinks the Charlie Tango part was dumb and that shows you how dumb she is because that was the very best part of the book and E. L. James is a good writer (except for the boring parts) and he should write another book just about the helicopter and it would sell a lot of copies I bet and he would get rich.     

The end.

Kyle Thomas lives in California and will be a 7th grader in the fall.

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