Small Adjustments for the Twins

meals right on time

cushions in the sun

playscape built for fun

we have sweet routines!

stuffed mice on a string

plastic balls that ting-a-ling

favorite nap music found

they drift off to the sound

while I sit by my two black kittens

Drifting thought

Saturday morning

a Fall morning, slight chill

kittens sleeping beside me 

I drink coffee

they need two chairs now

they have grown

at night,

sometimes they curl up on my heart

it warms and opens

so close, so real

with an open heart 

I realize that there’s still some residual resentment

and distrust of distant and windy humans

I’m sorry

The Adoption

In an adoption

there’s a process to attachment

when we rescued these little wild boys

(the kittens)

they were frightened, cold, hungry

somewhat shivering with fear of people

thin, bones poking out

we fed them

gave them a safe home 

gentle hands, soft voices, space

beds, hiding places

warm laps, reliable love and food

so now they are thriving

in return, they are affectionate

they have enthusiasm

they have confidence

we feel joy in their growth

their shiny coats

sighs of contentment

their motorboat purrs!

it’s been a worthwhile use of time

to build a relationship with them

their love for us is tangible

they greet us with conversational meows

they want to be near us

they enjoy receiving love

while we enjoy giving it

it’s an ideal circle of love

Lap Kitties created!

I feel so fortunate that it’s summer

(rather than the hectic school year)

so I have time to establish the bond

Anne Marie Scotto is a writer living in Athens, Ohio.

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