Black and White

There's a song that I wrote

with  some notes and it floats

in a boat made of strings and my fingers

they know what to do

for the keys feel the tune

and they sing that I'm lonely for you

The Neighborhood


quick stream, raft draft

writing like the Madhatter ones

it must be fun when done

willy-nilly scribbling down some mixture

some scripture, a crib game

of sense and nonsense blender thrown

blender mashed, blender owned,

grind it, grind it, grind it alll-


together, smooth as cream of wheat

soft moon beams white


a Lite-Brite, with copyright

or even a Star Shine song

song: the earth says “Hello!”

twinkle above, twinkle below

like an ld play, those days

I remember them!

Hair and bare skin and feet

those were the days

my friends, we played

loops and hula-hoops

sweet days on the cement bent over

our chalk drawn boxes

hop-scotch afternoons with small chains

jumping from square to square on that hill

the Green one, a street still

I saw it the other day and it looked smaller

everything was grammar school mini

star shine morning

I can sing: the earth says “Hello!”

A Ghost

Some days I feel like a ghost

hanging around after death

on the street, in a store

just walking around

floating by invisible

perhaps felt as a slight tingle or breeze?

perhaps caught out of the corner of an eye?

but not really there

not really solid anymore

it's a sad feeling

to be alive and still the same spirit

but, an older female is not noticed anymore

just like a ghost

feeling left behind, without form

merely because time has passed

as Time does!

It’s a Dark Lost Night

it’s a dark lost night

I’m lost, and the sky is black

I jumped overboard with no plan

and here I am feeling left behind

alone, bobbing in the cold water

a small object wondering “What next?”

at these times, we’re supposed to grow

because we have to do it!

floating in the darkness

turning this way and that

looking ‘round to decipher the constellations

there are so many questions:

which way is up?

is the handle pointing North or South?

is it even the right time of year for that one?

how far can I swim?

I wonder, will I freeze to death before the sun comes up?!

there’s no time for doubt!

I need to imagine some land for myself

and begin to swim North right NOW

Ann Marie Scotto is a writer living in Florida.

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Anne Marie Scotto