Out of the corners of my eyes

A quick recognizable image runs into the dining room

And I clearly hear a voice call out playfully

Daisy! come here baby!

But I am alone in the house.


I thought to myself

They’re still playing with that stupid squeaky toy

It always drove me crazy

And now they follow me in my sleep ?


Dad and Daisy shared a room at the back of the house

Dad never left the house without her

And Daisy never left his side

Not even now.


When mom passed away dad and Daisy stayed with me

We both knew mom wouldn’t have it any other way

And when dad passed Daisy did too

Daisy wouldn’t have it any other way.


Am I really alone in the house ?

That squeaky toy is driving me mad

Daisy ! come here baby !

I can hear my father say.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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