Jeff Nesvig

The weather vane was pointed west

The rain had yet to fall

Two more days on the open road

You could hear the thunder call.


Holy water in the fountain

A few steps down the hall

Where the tired come to rest

See the writing on the wall.


Rain, rain is falling hard

It’s dancing on the ground

So many people come to see

See the journeys end on a Hobe Sound summers eve


The old man stands at the end of the trees

With the ocean in his eyes

Listen real close and you’ll hear him come alive


Dancing all night to the sound of the rain

The tin roof plays a song

Ask the wind to sing along

Sing it gently to the rain.


She asked me, can you feel it

And she tried to touch the sun

I just want to hold her in my arms

Her mind running wild

Like an eagle in a storm.


She’s got a smile like a child

looking thru her memories like a vision in a window pane

Every little thing is all she wants to see

Starring at the moon

Trying to touch the sun

Thinking all the while

What else is there to see.


Once inside the sunshine

A full moon in the rain

Everything is going to be O.K.

She said, everything is going to be just fine

And I feel it deep inside.


Lovely eyes look inside

See what there is to see

A runaway train, an eagle in the sky

Tell me what you see

Try and touch the sun

Show it all to me.


The wind and the rain of August began

The south was waiting for winter

Ninety nautical miles to the north

The ghosts of lost ships are looking for a harbor.


The Whaler’s adrift on an ocean of pain

with waves as tall as her sails

the ghosts of the crew know this storm isn’t thru

until the waves start flooding the galley.


The storm of 1682 set the Whaler adrift

With a crew that still stands beside her

as she sails thru moments and time

looking for a harbor somewhere out of memory.


When the sky opens up and the seas come un-done

The moon seems to laugh and stay hidden

Showing no light or a path thru the storm

The Whaler was thrown into legend.


When the storm season ends by the light of the moon

With all of her sailors on board

The Whaler is seen looking for harbor

a place to weather the storm.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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