I’m flying

In my dreams I’m flying

above my bed and I see me sound asleep.


I shake myself to try and wake me from my sleep

But I can’t control my dreams

and this feeling that comes over me is between my consciousness and a dream.


There are three little souls that are holding me down

They’re laughing as I scream

I’m trying so hard to push them off

I want to use my fist to make them go away

but I can only move my eyes.


I feel so deep in the sleepiness of my dream

That I can’t control my mind

I can feel them yes I know they’re there

They will not let me move.


And yet I see me shaking from this dream

And all I can do is watch

As I move my eyes and scream.


I’m flying

In my dreams I’m flying

But I know I’m sound asleep.

At last to touch the sun

To see the stories that live inside a beautiful mind

at last to feel the emotions once caged

now set free to fly


Leaving only footprints for the worlds eye to see

walking into a journey shaped by time

beneath the spirit tree.


At last to see the heavens, galaxies and time

to hear the whispers of a shooting star

inside a beautiful mind.


With every step Leaving only memories behind

drifting softly as a feather thru galaxy’s  and time

all is resting quietly inside a beautiful mind.


At last to touch the sun.

She has regrets

She has the light of day upon her

She keeps her dreams inside her

As She walks calmly into the wind.


With her long blond hair her green eyes shine

Like diamonds in the sand

And she smiles as the world turns around her

She says she understands.


If I had the money I’d buy her an island in the sun

Just to have a chance to walk into the wind beside her

I would hold her hand and look into her eyes

And tell her all about the dreams inside me.


But here I am standing alone in the Coney Island sand

And the carrousel lights feel like the sun in this world of make believe

And as I close my eyes I watch her as she passes by

She is every dream to me.


Come closer now don’t run away

Let me see you smile

I’ll close my eyes don’t pass me by

I’ll walk into the wind beside you


But here I am standing alone in the Coney Island sand

Holding my dreams inside me.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in San Diego, California.

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