Jeff Nesvig

Still No Words

The presence of a life other than my own surrounds me

 The scent of lavender lightly fills the room as I light a candle to see who it is

Who is this life that gives me a chill as I try to speak.


No words only the feeling of comfort as the chill begins to warm

Now gentle footsteps that once followed behind me now stand before me.


Her perfume is in the air as I stand quietly and still

I can feel her breath on my neck as she breathes

But still no words only the comfort that surrounds me

In a room lit only by the flicker of candle light.


Her fingers drift softly thru my hair as the candle slowly dies

Taking me into a place that is the air that she breathes

she gives me a glimpse into the beauty that lives inside her eyes .


Not a breath to waste and no time to speak

As I fall into comfort I see the beauty that surrounds her

She stands before me and still no words.

Jus as I am

Unknown truths known only by me

Bring me to this place of love and disparity

And such a feeling that gives darkness to each passing day

Also brings the light that shines thru the windows of my soul

As I hold back the tears I wander into the void of pleasant thoughts

Where unknown truths wait for me.


Only here, only right now can I fight the darkness

Only I can bring the light into the garden of my life

Just as I am, accept me just as I am and I will bring the light.


For all that is known and all that has past

Unknown truths are inside just as I am

And disparity is no more than dried tears that will fall no more.


Just as I am as the light shines thru the windows of my soul

I am here.


The Condor and the Rain

It’s always cold on the cuyamaca ridge just above El Capitan

As the evening sets the cry of condors echoes thru the canyons

I can hear the call of angels

I can taste the rain as it falls.


The clouds are moving in rapid circles

And lightning has touched the ground

The condors cry has turned to silence as the world keeps spinning around.


Look to the sky forever more

Touch the air that you breath

Feel the thunder of a thousand years that brings you to your knees.


As I lay in wait and drink the pouring rain a vision of flight comes over me

Across the ocean and to its shores I hear the condors cry

A tapestry of memories covers the earth below

And I cry.


Just like the condor my cries echo thru the canyon walls across El Capitan

Creating a swan song of life and the memories it holds.


Cuyamaca hides the sun until the final hour

It is then that all is forgiven and my cries are heard no more.


Place your penny in the jar then close your eyes and dream

And listen for the thunder

Wait for the lightning

And drink the pouring rain.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in San Diego, California.

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