Red Crow

Jeff Nesvig


alive she cried at red crow in flight

wings spread wide for the journey that follows through the night

a thousand years and a look of wonder

brought the dream that filled the sky's, red crow in flight.

I just had to look into the pouring rain that flooded my soul

with the spirits screams and Cries of ancient warriors and fathers 

lost in time,all we are is resting here under the wings of red crow.

alive she cried at Red Crow in flight

follow the path through the giant redwood trees

and touch the  rays of the sun shining through on pine needles and leafs

alive she cried at red crow in flight to take her home tonight

all the sweet Surrender and the silence in your mind

all that you takes there will bring you back in time.

Open your mind and fly

touch down gently on the dreams you left behind

rest on the wings of red crow in flight, alive she cried

take me home tonight.

The morning’s sweet whisper and footsteps through trees

bring the ghosts of the ancient elders from the battle of Wounded Knee

alive she cried red crow take us home tonight.

Alive she cried at red crow in flight.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living San Diego, California.

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