Crow’s Nest

I keep checking the weather

For a drop of rain.

Nothing falls but leaves on the page.

Witness the cracks that form

All around the window where

Wind slips in and silence calls.

“Wake up!” Sings the lone Sailor-

Bard on a ship creaking

Far from safe landings.

You’re all safe from

Nothing but the stop

And the moment.  Still

I keep checking the mail

For a single note

To sing for the day.

Listen to the staff falling,

Scales all fall down

Crashing onto the cleft below.

“Rage, Rage!” cries the stone faced

Martyr in epic crust,

Fastened to his mast.

We’ll make it to land

Naked to sand and dashed

On rock and shore.

I listen to the dead rain

Dead letter mail box

Clocks stopped

Wooden blocks

Chalk line drawn

Waiting for a moment…

And then it’s gone.

Brian R. Lux is a writer living in California.

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