Tell me are you afraid to lose your innocence?

Peel off your skin of ego

It's clouding your judgement

If you can find it

underneath this blanket of vanity,

keep it close to the heart

But let it roar

for silence has no audience in this modern world

Leaves were covered in crispy snow

Hanging low

carrying the weight of the world

What burden to bear

In all their innocence

They have no love to spare

Dripping sorrows

When morning light comes

Revealing what's left

Of its stone cold hollow chest

Peace in my heart

I can give you my broken heart

It's been scattered and torn apart

But if you'll be gentle it might just be

The very best of what's left of me

I can give you my love and soul

But our future I cannot control
I can offer you pieces of my heart

Or maybe just a little part

It's been stamped on and left for dead

Shriveled up dry, as for ages it bled

It will be difficult to glue and mend

Yet the only way for my sorrow to end

For you can be the peace in my heart

It's been waiting for you from the start

I can give you a part of me

But the rest has got to be free you see

If you'll have me I can promise you this

Over the past I will not reminisce

To live in the present is the only way

Moving forward and live for today

I remember when you clipped my wings

Trying to keep me close

How you changed who I was

And will ever be

Letter to my unborn child

This is my goodbye to you my little one

Please forgive me for not letting you come.

I just want you to be the best that you can be

No struggles or fear in your little mind

As it was for me

I will always look for you in other children's eyes

Under star sprinkled covered skies

Hear your laughter on the playgrounds

As you swing high above the ground

And as I roam across this world

I will feel your gentle touch

In the sunrays on my skin

In the darkness of a storm

And I will never be afraid

Of hurting you my little one

Natascha Hermans is a writer living in the Netherlands.

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