She’s There

Jamie Coughlan

She told me while we were driving,

She wanted to take a break,

I thought we were trying to fix it,

She said she couldn't pretend.

I never pretended with her,

And it’s my fault,

She had to pretend with me.

I drove her home and went out drinking,

I think I was in shock,

I didn't feel it yet.


She says she still loves me,

And will try to forgive,

But the pain increases,

With my realisation.

She is my home,

And I threw away the key.

I wait and hope,

that she'll give me a new one.

Each day crawls by and I think of her.


I close my eyes. she's there.

I open them. she's there.

I drink too much. She's there.

I curse my idiocy, foolishness and selfishness.

She's There.

Jamie Coughlan is a writer living in Ireland.

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