A Christmas Poem

a warm….cold dark night

frosty embers spit forth

from the jaws of the Christmas fire

perriwinkle spirits hover

well below their heavens

and we feel them

dance around us

like trapeze artists

the wax flickers at the windows

gasping for air

dripping down their bodies

in warm winter scare

"There's something outside"

says the child in the chair

but no one dare look

at the eyes in the woods

that gaze there

and stare

"Is it Santa?"

"Is it Jack?"

"Is it a deer that goes there?"

they just rest upon the cabin

in a cold dark nights fare

"Come away children!"

"It's time for your bedtime present!"

but those grown up remember

a season most unpleasant 

they lock the doors

and draw the shades

thankful for this time

they've made

for all grown ups know

the morning they changed

"Here's some nog

and some cookies

that'll all make you right."

because they know

that time will bring

that old winter fright

the little ones are tucked away

and your warm in your bed

and somehow you still believe

in what old St. Nick said

a spirit in the night

that "Ho ho's!" with mad reason

to please all the little kiddies

and grown ups 

this season

may you all hold on 

to your song and your spirits

and sing out this Holiday

so the whole world will hear it

in the words that lighten this night

"Merry Christmas!"

you hear

as his creatures take flight

"Merry Christmas to all!!"

and of course

to all

a good night

Burnt Orange December Evening

the rusty steel chair

resting in the woods alone

glows in the blaze

of the sunset

a fiery throne for ghosts forgot

man and beast

have filled its seat

with spirits not lost

nor short of defeat

merely passing and pondering

at a world at their hooves

and feet

the body's always searching

but only the ghosts know

the answers we seek

and yet both 

are being


Jason Avera is a writer living in California.

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