red siren tends bar

catches a man's eye in glass

pours a martini

September Night

shadow's bloom

and a shadowed moon

I lie right here

right next to you 

your my girl, my friend, my youth

I told you this

my womb

where all things end 

that begin with me

you walk on sands in my memory

diamonds at your feet

glowing in my night

what is darkness?

what was it!

fleeting there in the corner


the space between us

when were skin to skin

Sunday Evening, for Jack

Oh, the doldrums

of the wake up morning routine


ah man, these Mondays are Slumdays

I don't wanna get up


I don't wanna lie here paralyzed 


the city below me 


glistening, sparkling bright sight

can't I just stand here

and scream

for unlawful carnal knowledge

as I gaze

out this window

"I don't wanna work"!

I wanna be

but I gotta work

if I just wanna be

that dragon moon whips its tongue down so nicely

illuminating my spirits

heavy wet flesh

makes it hotter

on these late summer nights

late o'clock

as I see the time

dial flash burn

driving in my car

down my 210 Pacific

these cars do indeedy

hiss by my windy

smoke chambers

full of vermin 

like me

we drive the range

and go get get it

and God bless it

bless this sea

of des-per-ra-ti-on

sad faces

with mad eyes

in mad places

mad eyes!

star, cloud, and mountain gazing

your dreams aren't dead

dreams don't die

they're merely muddled

by the everyday work


and when you get home

you'll see

she's there waiting

right where you left her

on Friday or Saturnday or Sundee



what a beautiful name

but I don't think she'll use it

probably answer to 




or some speak like that

oh, daughter of content.....

this fall inspires

wakes up to a forehead kiss

autumn night eyes speak

Someday Tuesday Somewhere


throw down your hair

throw down your love tonight

give me my ladder to the stars

up there 


winking down at you and I

they know the jokes on us

your locks are angel's mane

and your dress sways

plays on you like a dancing harp

and these stars wink down on you and I

cuz they know the jokes on us

let's race the moon tonight

and let's spend these hours

cuz a lifetime

just doesn't seem long


yeah they know the jokes on us

but we are the one's

we reflect their light

and when we're dead and dusty

when the worms and crickets 

hold mass at our site

we'll both be smiling

because we knew the jokes were on us



Jason Avera is a writer living in California.

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