Anne Marie Scotto

  If I could see

If I could see airwave visions and drift on a draft

I'd probably feel like I do when I feel it's true, it's true:

love IS the glowing light inside of all of us

lifting us up, making us hope another day

commuting on congested roads, red light stalls testing patience

look up at the communities of birds on the wire

black birds, huddle together

why on THAT wire and not another?

I always wonder at their choice

is it for conversation?

or are they a flying V group?

Up, up, and away they travel as one pulsating body of black birds

looking up as I do I notice the places they sit

all these years wishing to fly, I envy them the high perch

to see everything below from up there

higher than a tree, higher than a roof-top

we had roof-top gardens in the city I grew up in

tar-covered patches and potted plants

but I loved the view

even with the laundry lines a kid could feel free up there

in the sun

mini-mouse tries to recall how to make a little noise

The weather's right to sing tonight

(while looking at the moon)

I'd be outside just wand'ring round

if I could find a tune

I need to find a simple rhyme

(to organize my mind)

a simple rhyme, that goes in time

like those from sticks gone by

I've lost the habit of saying much

(but 'spose I might retrieve it)

I've lost the knack of spinning out

but 'spose I'd best re-weave it

Don't eat the fake food!

Once there was a plastic carrot

it looked like a real carrot and it smelled like a real carrot so

all the guinea pigs hoped for it!

they squealed and peeped and made a lot o' noise

but, ultimately, it was only a plastic carrot

so even the ones that tasted it didn't like it all that much

Anne Marie Scotto is a writer living in Florida.

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