Anne Marie Scotto

In the Air

If I could write good songs,

I'd want to write them about love

Love has so many forms!

there's the "hanging-on-a-cliff-in-the-dark" type or

the "sitting-in-the-sun-holding-hands" variation or

the "Oh my God!! Our son is SO BEAUTIFUL!! " moment

or, the "I can't believe you're still this wonderful" glance and twinkle

we can walk forever together in silence, and it's fine realization

we can lock the bedroom door and forget there's a world out there afternoon

or, the "You're capable of that, and I love it so much!!" day

If I could write good songs,

I'd want to write those love songs

or even the "Honey can you get here faster tonight?"

"Please?!!" song

there's GOTTA be one like that too


or three,

or four and more.

there have to be a million floating on the wind, waiting to be written

out there somewhere 

for inside, in the minds of all the people in love

they're waiting to be written

Don't you feel it too?!

The Stylist

The stylist did this!

It bothers me to see how

the edges have been sanded off and changed

how the hair has been coiffed and styled and blown smooth

dyed and puffed and made neat

all in an attempt to make a perfect picture

take the passion out, leave the image that makes 

other people comfortable and attracted

don't exhibit the strengths?!

don't be the true individual with a healthy inside?!

it might lead to fright in less talented people!

take away all the best parts...

in an attempt to fit in with the average

and cause them to be drawn to look through the window

at the nice front room

why do we all go along with this?!

it's not right!!!

Tick Tock

A direct connection between feelings and expression

stars and planets and silver-white haze thrown in

larger than peas on the ground

yes, bigger than human green beans!

humor is good, we need it

communication is freedom, isn't it?

speak when we want to

hold our own piece when we want to

(it's desire both ways)

want to, don't want to

say it, don't say it

walk, talk, be, think aloud

think silently too

follow the scent, or don't!

find the breadcrumbs or fall down

it depends on the rain or the lack of it

but quiet steps are fine sometimes

just as noise is fun at others

noise is reassuring sometimes

hear a foot-fall on the stairs

ear a scraping of a chair

hear a garage door open and a key in a lock

sigh, roll over, see the clock

sound and silence, okay

larger than peas on the ground

sweeter than ten jelly beans

smaller than stars and planets lined up above.

Anne Marie Scotto is a writer living in Florida.

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