Pandora Thompson

Wolf Style Dog

I have a story perhaps I've told,

a story of love, friendship too, 

sometimes difficult but always true.

His lifetime saved,

our lifetime spent,

two hearts we gladly gave.

I breathed his name between his song,

often as we laid.

My boy Jakey,

Sir Laddykins, 


my Jake.

An English Nobleman,

the great storm predictor, 

a gentle cowardly beast.

My wolf style dog,

in 55 shades of brown,

forever mine to keep.

The story goes,

the story stays,

a picture and a tear.

And then the love

is here with me

forever long enough.

For Jake Thompson our beloved friend,

our boy, 1994 - 2008.

Once More Charlie

Once more to see your smile,

your honey sweet face.

Once more to feel the softness,

warm, thick in my hands.

Once more to live your world,

smell the dirt, feel the grass,

chase the chipmunks in your eyes.

Sniff the evening breeze that's carried on the miles.

Once more to hear you,

your breathing echo mine,

my little shadow, so quiet behind me,

always there, always there,

once more.

Once more to feel the small heartbeat lay in my arms,

hear the sigh,

share our peace.

My little piece of heaven.

Once more to live a memory,

laugh a moment.

Once more to be young,

young together... again.

Once more to not be alone.

Once more to be with you ...

Once more Charlie.

Pandora Thompson is a writer living in Georgia.

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