Jeff Nesvig

Full Throttle Storm

Postcards and a bottle of red wine

Sitting on the table

Tell me where have you been

I think I’ll have a smoke.


Time can be a deceiver

When you’re on the waiting end

Do you have a light.


The rocky mountains went on forever

I rode until I couldn’t open my eyes

I slept under the full moon by the river at night

I swear I could hear the forest come alive.


did you have the time to think about me

in the morning when you ride

I’ve spent my days thinking about you

Praying you were still alive.


Deep down south in the middle of the night

Where the wild cats come to play

I swear on my soul I was looking at you

I swear I heard you say.


Time can be a deceiver

When you’re on the waiting end

So kick that starter one more time and ride it home tonight.


I have a fresh pack of smokes and a bottle of wine

She told me on the phone

Deep down south in the middle of the night

In a full throttle storm I’m headed home.

Blood Red Roses

The old house was in disrepair and sat alone

On the edge of the woods where the ocean meets the sand

Redwood trees as high as I could see let in small rays of the sun

And old rocking chair on the porch rocked back and forth

As if the old woman sitting in my dreams was waiting for me.


She smiled and waved and stood up proud

Then she turned and walked inside

And from the kitchen window I heard a voice

Son won’t you come inside.


Blood red roses and a bottle of wine

Sat a table set for two.


Where have you been she said

Then asked me if I wanted some wine

You’ve been gone so long and the war’s been over  since 1865

Your daddy’s up stairs and cries every night

Waiting for a word from you.


As her voice started to fade I looked up stairs

The old man was standing at the door

And with a tear in his eye he said to me

Son It’s good to see you thank the Lord you’re home

Then turned and walked away back into his room.


Now I’ve flown around the world a time or two

I’ve seen the eagle fly

And whenever I can I’ll stop on by

And talk to the old man inside his room.


The Blood red roses and a bottle of wine

Are a gift she leaves me every time

And she says son won’t you come inside

peaceful moments

a journey of many years

but yet so few

so many lessons

and so much more to learn.

a pocket full of laughter 

another full of tears 

the wisdom of a life time

floating in the breeze

is ringing in my ears.

peaceful moments and early morning dew

bring the sunshine of your love to these sleepy eyes

one blink at a time.

tell me that you love me

you know I love you still

forever in a life time

you know I always will.

a hand full of memories

a hand full of dreams

all these memories I've saved

blowing in the breeze.

pour a glass of memories into your tired mind

share it with the peaceful moments the morning dew will bring

rest beneath the wings of time

close your tired eyes

reach into the wind

look inside a dream

drink from the glass of memories peaceful moments bring.

I've loved you forever

you know I always will.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida

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