Alison Minet Adams

Summer Triangle

As I newborn took you for my first world

Home was your arms circle, your

Heartbeat my first music, your

Voice the first heeded, if not first heard.

I know you sang to me and rocked

Danced and talked. Long before words

Grew meanings; sound color rhythm

With your voice created my world.

This motherhood thing, life to life, once

Grown inside, then separate, seeks

Itself again, that wholeness, oneness

Creates a separate universe

But is not in fact separate. Transcends

Time, spans all human life with one

RNA chain, a twisted garland, links

All together from the first mother...

Gaia, Eve, First Woman

I claim you, born, I created you.

But no, under the Summer Triangle

You struggled into being

Created your own mother

Grew into wholeness long before

There was even the dream of me

What children do not really believe

That when you were a little girl

There was no were all the

Me you needed. Daughter, sister

Student, teacher, activist

Artist, wife, protector

Dreamer, music- maker,

Wonderful in yourself.

Did you always feel First mother's hands?

That heartbeat rhythm, fierce protecting

Love, restless as the ocean, steady

Eternal like the stars in the summer

Triangle? Probably not, if we are alike at all

That connection you feel when life

Flutters in your womb may be the first time

You know with certainty we are not alone

But connected to all human life

Back and forth before we knew what life was.

We are here for your birthday

Under the Summer Triangle

four generations

And you have another star in your

Personal constellation,

Another whole universe you began

When you made me from your own body

When you created a person

Did you ever see in your mind

As you must have felt in your heart

This life, this everness, this pulse

This from the beginning heartbeat

This back to First Mother

This all embracing


I blame you, my muse, for that I am awake

You alone and not the moon, or my

Questing heart.  Pure spirit

Separate from the  body that houses you

You can cross time and space

Chill or heat the blood

Drag claw and tooth out of flesh

Grow wings or gryphon tail

Call like Juliet from her doomful balcony

Storm like Medea her bloodstained betrayals

Like Cyrano spellbind  for another

With deep held secret love

Like Kokopeli  on the desert floor

Dance  the rhythm of creation

Synch in the blood the vampire's kiss

Break walls, ruin Troy, swim

Circles round Charybdis

Create myth, paint legend

My muse, you are all the muses

If I could paint, or spin a tale

Draw out melody, dance rhythm

If these reflected energies

Converged in me

What then? What moonstruck wanderer

Would I become ? Instead

Aching to sleep

I chase my tail on the ocean edge of


Would banish sorrow

Or fear or silence

The eternal sniggering footman

With a kiss

And drown in dreams


I can smell the equinox from here

Faint smoke of autumn leaf pyres

Summer flamboyant

Dies on the trees in gold and vermillion 

On the near edge of the full moon

I hear it crackle, earth life ages 

The summer ducks give way to

Winter parrots

Here in Studio City

Heat breaks down defenses 

It was almost a cool summer

But it fades to fire

If I could write like Hopkins

For Margaret's unleaved golden grove

I could fruit poems

like an autumn orchard 

But no, without patience

Torn by desire

Restless, itchy with shadows

I dip my toes in the equinoctial tides

Await the shift of time,

And in the ephemeral firelight

Across the centuries 

I dance

Alison Minet Adams is a writer living in California.

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