Fall 2020 - Rolling Edition

Volume 13/Number 3

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Welcome to the new Rolling Edition of Hot Valley Writers

This approach worked so well for the Spring issue, we're going to put in place for the Fall.  This is how it works.

We'll stay open for submissions from now till the end of the year and will refresh the site with new material approximtely every two weeks adding to the issue.  You can keep track of the updates by visiting Hot Valley Writers on FaceBook.

Thoughts for the next refresh which will be in early November.

This is not an official theme, all submissions welcome, but we weren't going to let Thanksgiving slip by, certainly not this year.  So, as you're writing...

What does it mean to be thankful in the face of everything that's happened and keeps on happening all around us?

What have you been able to hold on to?

What have you discovered?

What good is gratitude?